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Under the weather

Out sickI had the feeling I was getting sick for a couple of days, and it finally hit me today, so I have decided to postpone my challenges until I feel better. It rather irritating getting sick right at the beginning of a new challenge. It almost feels like I am disappointing myself, however, talking to strangers, while I feel like my head is going to explode, just won’t work.  I don’t see the point in getting other people sick. Right now, I just want to get some rest and decrease my stress. Even though I have been writing for a month now, I still find the process a little stressful. It takes a lot of time and reviewing which I just don’t have the energy to do. So, I am taking a few days off to recharge and hopefully get better.

I just want to let those who follow my challenges know. See you in the future.



Day 9 A Long Day

Move in day for my college was today so I drove a good five hours and moved into my new place. I didn’t stop driving till I got to my campus so I had to push lunch to 4pm. I met up with my friend, and roommate, Will to go eat at Chipotle. My friend Keyes (nickname) arrived after us just by coincidence which was cool. Then Will and I went to move into our new place. This is where the fun began!

We stood in line to sign all of our agreements, but we happened to hear that we needed a receipt for some house payment. So we drove to the campus office just to find out that we had to pay at one of the table we were just at. We drove all the way back and finally got into the right line. They were down to just one credit card machine because the other ones broke; this just always seems to happen. We stood in a line of about five people, small size, yet it took us 45 minutes. During our idle time standing, we over heard that we had to pay a premium charge which I had no clue about. So I had to transfer from my phone all of my money into one account, not much to begin with, in order pay for my new place. I was living in stressville, and I still am slightly.

My place is actually really nice, and I think I am going to enjoying living here but there are some downfalls. Starting this year, my college made it mandatory for each house to have one single and one double room. So as a senior in college, I will be sharing a room with someone I don’t know. It really brings me back to freshman year, and I’m actually freaking out inside. Living with someone new is hard enough but having them sleep in the same room is almost ridiculous.  As a freshman, my schedule was much lighter and there wasn’t a huge worry about sleeping. But over the years, I have found that sleep is a necessity when it comes to college. I have gone through periods of poor sleep since I had insomnia growing up and I still get it when I am stressed out. It happened on that first night of my cold shower shower challenge. There is no pointing on worrying about it, at least that’s what I tell myself.

P.s Today’s cold shower had nothing on my long tiring day, felt routine to me.

*** It’s very late (about to pass out) but I wanted to complete my blog for the day. Since I haven’t gone to sleep I still count it as day 9 even though its past midnight for me.  Plus, I had to get the internet setup at my new place, which I did, but it takes some time.

Day 1 Cold Shower Challenge

Last night, I just laid in bed cycling through thoughts about tomorrow. The internet calls it monkey brain but it just means a long sleepless night to me. I was far too stressed, and a little excited, about that freezing shower. Don’t get me wrong, I have taken cold showers before, but I never actually planned on taking them. Especially for 30 days in a row. Now that I had a plan, my mind was making thousands of excuses. Dude, cold showers suck! Why are you even doing this? You love hot shower, remember how amazing and relaxing they are? You know it’s going to be freezing! Do you really want to be painfully cold? These were just some of the negative thoughts that were bouncing around in my head. It was shocking to realize just how much I feared any sort of discomfort. It’s just a short five minute shower, yet it was making me stressed out and wide awake.

Eventually, I woke up to day 1 of my challenge. The situation was feeling pretty comical as I woke up feeling bone-chilling cold. My body seemed to working right along with my brain informing me that I was already freezing so there was no need for a cold shower. I had to laugh aloud at myself! Still I was pumped up and excited to start the challenge. I set a timer on my phone for five minutes so that I would not cheat. The shower was icy, but I liked the energizing feeling. I rushed through my normal routine, shaking the whole time. Then I would occasionally peak out at my alarm. It felt like forever and I was getting used to the cold feeling. Finally, I just wanted to find out how much time I had left. I found that my alarm had already gone off and had been vibrating for about five minutes. I had forgotten to turn on the sound. Luckily, the cold shower really isn’t that bad after the initial shock.

The whole situation reminded me of a famous quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and how its meaning continues to evolve.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself ~ FDR

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