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Water Fasting for 36 Hours

Plato Fasting

Since my first water fast, last week, I thought that it would even more challenging to increase the time to a full 36 hours. This would require me to go an entire day without eating and then go to sleep hungry. In particular, it was the idea of going to sleep on a starving stomach that made me a little nervous. Normally, I will just grab a snack at night, if I happen to be hungry, because I find the feeling rather uncomfortable. It’s also a strange thought to not eat anything for an entire day. However, this experience has made me realize that I have been eating food everyday for my entire life without ever stopping. Doesn’t that sound a little strange too? Read more…


Water Fasting for 24 Hours

Plato Fasting

Living in our modern age, we are so accustom to constant consumption that we fail to realize just how much we consume. We keep on eating and snacking, unconsciously putting food into our mouth, that it’s only natural for people to be overweight. If we let our body rule our mind, then we become victim to our every urge. Urges that evolved because food was scarce, not plentiful, and thus our modern age continuously feeds our every whim.

Other than the many health reasons, water fasting can help us take control back and become conscious about our eating habits. I eat constantly and consistently with a meal almost every four hours along with snacks. Therefore, the idea of water fasting sounded rather uncomfortable and painful. I don’t enjoy feeling hungry which drives me to eat when do. It’s just seems natural for me. Also given that when I don’t eat, I get the shakes, possible headaches, feeling lethargic, and overall cranky. I’ve been known to go hulk mode when I don’t get feed. Thus, fasting was a way for me to push my mind and body and see how they react to the situation.  As idiotic as forgoing food may sound, there are plenty of reasons to do it. For one, the challenge of pushing past my comfort zone and understanding my body better.

I started my water fast the night before at 6:15 pm right after dinner with my roommate. It’s easy for him, so he gets the ego boost of not finding it challenging, superior to my ruthless craving for anything other than water. I don’t understand how he finds it so easy but it simple doesn’t bother him. Around 9 pm, I started feeling hungry for some snacks but I ignored those urges easily. The next morning, I wasn’t hungry but I missed having my routine breakfast. Even so, breakfast and lunch were pretty easy to skip with little discomfort, but around 2pm I started getting hungry. I kept drinking water to fill up my stomach, it worked for a little while, but as awhile it was only temporary.

At around 3pm, I got a headache which I knew was bound to happen since I didn’t have my black tea in the morning. It’s surprising how long the caffeine lasted in my body, but it definitely ran out. Afterwards, I started feeling completely lethargic and found it difficult to do anything. I still did my handstands throughout the day, they help suppress the hungry feeling, but, for the most part, I was useless. Time real started to slow down as I approached 6pm with every hours taking exponential longer.  Eventually, I finally got to enjoy my white rice and chicken for dinner. I was still starving afterwards so I had green grapes on peanut butter toast (may sound weird but it tastes amazing, just like jelly and it’s healthier).

In the end, water fasting was not a terrible experience and I discovered that I can survive without eating for 24 hours. I know it a huge shocker, but humans were meant to survive without constantly eating. 

A little starvation can really do more for the average sick man than can the best medicines and the best doctors. ~ Mark Twain

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