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Day 29 A cold shower story

Buzz, buzz, buzz…! I lean over grabbing my phone off my desk, turn off the alarm, and lie back down. Convenient having a desk at the end of my bed, however, it makes it quite easy to not want to get out. I roll the bed covers over my face, just five more minutes. Of course, I’m awake now so sleep has forsaken me. I jump out of bed, no literally I drop like four feet, and walk over to my closet. Grab my towel, phone, and walk out of the door. The bathroom is immediately to the right, my roommate and the spare closet is to the left, and the living is straight ahead. I turn left, opening the closet door quietly so I don’t wake up my roommate, grab my shower stuff, and walk to the bathroom.

I close the bathroom door behind me and turn around to face the mirror. It’s a small bathroom with a sink and a mirror in the front, toilet seat to left, and a full shower further to the left. Everything seems to be squeezed in perfectly. I follow my normal route not really thinking about anything. I place my towel on the rack, in front of the toilet, my shampoo and body wash in the shower, and the rest, along with my phone, on the sink countertop. I walk over to the shower and turn the knob to cold. Pull up on the tab and the water starts shooting out of the shower head. I tilt the shower head downwards, for later when I get in. I turn around and set my timer to five minutes, not that I need it since I have the timing down perfectly. Strip off my cloths and walk over to the shower. I pull the current back and step in.

The icy cold water hits my feet but it feels good, like a nice cooling feeling.  I take a step forward towards the shower head and I feel the cold water covering my legs. I then breathe in deeply, and then out, as I push the shower head up towards my chest. The ice water shocks my body but it fun. I smile as my body wants to shiver from the freezing water sucking the heat from my chest. I keep moving undeterred by the feeling. I turn around facing in reverse. The shower head is a foot shorter than my head, so I kind of do the splits as I place my feet on opposite ends of the bathtub. This shortens me considerably so that I lean my head back into the stream of cold water. It instantly starts to freeze my scalp, going deeper into my brain, and slowly runs down my back tickling ever nerve. By now, my skin has fully tightened, as goose bumps spread across my body. I keep breathing, in and out, controlling my natural response to shiver.

I stand back up and grab my shampoo. As I lathering through my hair, I can’t feel the cold water on my back anymore. This happens quickly as my body adapts to the cold temperature.  I like this feeling but only because my chest isn’t used to anymore. I lather on my body wash and turn around to wash it off. The cold water strikes my chest, a rush of ice kissing my body, and I laugh a little. It’s like shock therapy for my mind, everything is intense and powerful. It makes me feel more alive and energize than anything I know! I turn around and wash out my hair, enjoying again the tickling feeling of freezing cold water rolling down my back. I turn to face the stream of water head on. I know that I only have about twenty more seconds. I force my face down down into the stream of cold water. The water feels amazing, invigorating, as the cold water flows over my face. This is my favorite part of taking cold showers, nothing else comes close.

Buzz, buzz, buzz…! Right on schedule! I turn the shower off and open the curtain. Buzz, buzz, buzz…! Reach over, grab my towel, and start drying off a little. I step out and turn off my phone. I’m a little cold now, and I can see that my lips are slightly blue in the mirror. I smile, at myself, feeling like a badass! I quickly dry off, put on my shorts, and go on with my day.

Nothing beats a cold shower in the morning!


Day 2 A 4am Cold Shower

I had a very early flight today so I had to get up at 3:30am. Not that it’s hard getting up early but in no way does the idea of taking a cold shower sound pleasant. As far as I am concerned, if you have to wake up early then you shouldn’t have to freeze to death. Still, I accepted the challenge so I will see it through, even at 4am.

The shower seemed surprisingly colder than it was the day before. My body started shivering almost immediately, and I had to really focus on breathing normally. A nice benefit, if you could call it that, because there is probably nothing better than an icy shower to shock you to life at 4am. It gives you a feeling of strength and vigor, not physical but mental, that just can’t be equaled.

I started sharing my challenge with a few friends and their reactions could easily be identified as hysterical, even borderline defensive. Basically, they couldn’t understand why I would do this in the first place. They of course love hot showers and were willing to defend this stance to their grave. To them, the idea of a cold shower is plain crazy. Although, isn’t that the whole point to do something that most people wouldn’t even consider!

I started Delimit My Life to prove to myself that the impossible is possible and to find the limits that I have placed in my life. I fully understand my friends’ opinions because people tend to fear discomfort. We grow up trying to minimizing any and all discomfort in our lives, but to what end? Slowly our lives become full of limitations and fears which gradually make us dull and complacent. Such a life shuts the door to anything that might be challenging, difficult, or even new. This challenge may seem ridiculous, even pointless, but why not? The best journeys start out by doing something ridiculous and then turn out to change your world.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! ~ Audrey Hepburn

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