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Day 25 Looking forward

Summer RoomIt doesn’t seem real when I look back at how much has changed over the last 25 days. Just awhile ago, I was in another state at the end of my summer research project and living in a cozy little closet (picture above).Of course, I thought of it as a challenge with that insane humidity that I just don’t get in California. It was there on my bed where I decided to man up, take the cold shower challenge, and face my fear of public writing by creating Delimit Life.

Since then I have taken cold showers everyday and have actual fallen in love with the refreshing feeling every morning. I don’t actually remember what those good old hot showers felt like anymore and I don’t think I will be going back at the end of this challenge. Normally taking hours, I have blogged every day to face my fear and to keep myself going. I moved back to college, into a new home, and started my senior year. The stresses only increasing, I am thankful for the invigorating cold showers and being able to expressing myself through this blog. There is nothing in this world like testing your own boundaries and finding that true inner strength within. Life continues to be a journey of self discovery, only limited by my mind.

Now looking forward, I have been thinking about future challenges since I only have five days left.  I have been writing for awhile now about my own fears and insecurities as a way of thinking about some new challenges. However, I have been having difficulties in finding challenges that sound impossible. I seriously thought that it would be easier to find new challenges. There seems to be so many resources online but only a few focus on fears. There are challenges for fitness, health, writing, etc. but I want to conquer my fears. My guess is that those challenges are just hard to do or think of. How do you face your fear of public speaking other than just getting on a stage and giving a speech or presentation? Most of the challenges online just seem like ways of motivating a person out of bad health habits.

For me, I am already forced to eat healthy based on my allergies which almost make me vegan (I can eat most meats). I haven’t had soda in over twelve years and I mostly drink water or tea. I eat whole food for the most part and don’t eat junk food very often. I also enjoy being athletic as I bike at least four miles a day, go to the gym at least three times a week, and go hiking six miles on the weekend. So I needed something more interesting, which I found.

The Challenge:  You must do at least one of the following each day (not all three) for 30 days:

  • Something you fear
  • Something you’ve been putting off
  • Something you’ve never done before

There is also a list of potential challenges many of which sound very challenging!


Day 7 A Week of Cold Showers

The hardest part of this past week has not been waking up each morning to a cold shower but writing about my experience. Don’t misunderstand me, the cold showers are still uncomfortable, but if you ever try the challenge you will realize quickly that the discomfort is short lived. On the other hand, writing can make some people, me included, feel very uneasy. I have read many articles on the benefits of writing, how to write, why I should write, and many more, all telling me the same information. Still, I could never start because I thought nothing I wrote would be good enough. I had come to believe this after years of educators telling me so along with their common misplaced jokes of how horrible my writing was. This was clearly one limit that I believe in and it was holding me back in life!

As you may know, I promised as part of my challenge to blog every day to keep myself motivated. It seemed like a crazy idea at the time, but my life was transitioning into a new chapter, and I let the crazy idea sink in. When I wrote that first post, excitement pumping through me, I was not thinking about the difficultly. Subconsciously, I believed that no one would even read my posts so I had nothing to worry about. Sadly, on my first night, when the realization of my challenge hit me, I started thinking about quitting. I’m not proud of those thoughts but they happened. Eventually, I ended up on my computer deciding if I should delete my blog and forget the whole thing. Then surprise, someone decided to follow my blog. It was like someone decided to tagging along with my challenging and was saying I’d like to see you complete your challenge. I was being held accountable and it gave me the motivation I needed, so my thanks go out to projectlighttolife for giving me that first push.

Today, I jumped into the cold shower and the only thing I could think was that I had completed my first week. Not long ago, I thought of a cold shower as a horrific experience. One in which only a crazy person would attempt each day, because true insanity is not enjoying a hot relaxing shower. Yet in less than a week, I have changed my perspective and given into this supposed insanity. Again in my life, I find out that insanity is purely objective.

Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage. ~ Ray Bradbury

What cage has someone locked you in?

Day 6 Cold Shower plus Mini Challenge

Yesterday, I made my first attempt at a meatless Monday. I have wanted to go meatless for quite awhile, not for any particular reason, but just to see if I could do it. I usually feel super hungry and eventually give into my cravings. So I thought of it as a mini challenge, which in the future, I would like to increase to more than a day but everyone has to start out somewhere. My issue is that I constantly forget to not eat any meat.

Throughout my day, I had some peanut butter toast for breakfast, then some white rice with black beans for lunch, and a delicious vegan pizza for dinner, vegan because of my allergies. I was extremely excited that I had gone a day without meat for the first time but sadly one small detail dawned on me. After lunch, my brother was having some stir fry, which I had made the day before, and without even thinking about it I ate one strip of meat. A rather disappointing fact to remember at the end of the day, but my subconscious wanted kept me honest. I am definitely going to attempt it again next Monday and learn from this experience.

Today, I used the guest bathroom for a little change in scenery. I normally stay away from this particular shower because its height, which is about five feet tall, is about a foot lower than my head. Consequently, I either end up bowing to the shower gods or completing a home workout because I have to squat half the time. It definitely adds a level of discomfort to my overall experience. Then add some freezing cold water into the mix and the resulting shower experience is quite interesting. The shower was surprising colder today and I couldn’t completely get used to the feeling. I kept letting out small gasps as my body shivered uncontrollably. At the beginning of this challenge, I kept thinking that the cold showers would become easy, like a hot shower, and that I would ultimately have no issues with them in the future. However, I am reminded each day that the water will always be icy cold and therefore slightly uncomfortable.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. ~ Albert Einstein

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