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Talking to strangers (Week 1)

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In order to face my fear of talking to new people, I have set the challenge to talk to a stranger everyday.  It has been a rocky start and it continues to be a challenge.

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Chatting with a Barber

My challenge for the next 30 days is to have the courage to talk to a stranger every day. This is definitely out of my normal comfort zone and I will have to get over my anxiety of meeting new people. I will also being challenging myself to learn how to do a handstand walk which I have always thought of as impossible. We’ll see how far I can get in the next 30 days.

Ahh… snap, why did I have to start this challenge on a weekend, and where the heck am I going to find a stranger? These were my first thoughts this morning as I realized that I had a new challenge. I don’t normally go around talking to strangers so finding them is going to be one of the hardest parts about this challenge, especially on the weekends. Today, I decided that I need a haircut, a slight phobia (not even joking, its like heights for me), so I thought I would talk to the barber. Normally, I just sit quietly watching in horror because I am confused on how my hair will ever look good again.

Anyways, I go into my local Supercuts, college poor here, and sign up for a time. As I head over to sit down, I keep thinking “I got this, I am confident!”, but a lady calls my name before I can plan what I want to say. I just had to wing it. She introduced herself as Sharon which I forgot immediately because I was already nervous. I said my name and we continued to talk. She asked me how my day was going and I said busy. I kept thinking if I should just talk about my challenge so eventually I did.

I told her I trying to talk to a stranger every day for 30 days, because I wanted to get over my fear. She couldn’t believe it because she would never have thought I was scared, since we were talking more than anyone around us. I couldn’t help but laugh inside because my right leg would not stop shaking. We then chatted about my past challenges, cold showers, and she said might give one a try. She asked about lukewarm, I laughed, and told her that most people ask that. My challenge however was to learn something about a stranger, not just talk about myself.

I learned that she has two older boys, both don’t like getting their hair cut, and a daughter which she make sure has a nice hair cut. She can’t be a hairstylist and have her daughter having messy hair, not good for business. One of her sons also had the same haircut phobia as me when he was younger however she helped him out it. She received her hairstylist certification this past June but has been cutting hair for years. She also loves her job because she gets to do the exact thing that scares me, talk to strangers all day. Overall, it was a nice conversation and I wish I hadn’t been so nervous.

She gave me her business card and name so now I can actually call ahead next time. It definitely made my day since I have always want to build a relationship with a barber or hairstylist, like in the movies. As I left, she said she can’t wait to hear more about my challenges next time.

As for the handstand, I could hold myself up against the wall for a little over a minute, got tired quickly, and balance was pretty difficult.

Smile at strangers and you just might change a life. ~ Steve Maraboli

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