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Small talk is useless jibber jabber

By Tyler Feder

By Tyler Feder

Today, I restarted my 30 day challenge of talking to a different stranger every day. With a slight problem, I really don’t like small talk. I have little practice in this crafty art since I find it boring and useless. I want to talk about ideas, thoughts, or questions, something that fascinates and intrigues me. The weather, with its changing conditions, is just a respond, an unconscious reflect. Simply saying “I have nothing of significance to say” but in a polite way. The simple truth is that small talk is this fabricated convention that people use as filler for their nonstop moving mouths.

People have this obsession with talking like it’s the air that they breathe, dying if they ever stop. What other conclusion could I have made, through my observations, that people waste words, spewing out useless sounds that only pollute the world? I’m not saying that small talk doesn’t exist, or have its place, but I consider it pointless jibber jabber. It lives on a superficial level of worthless exchanges between people who aren’t actually saying anything or even listening to each other. Unconscious filler, for they fear silence may steal their voice.

Like the obsession with our reflection, we constantly hear ourselves. We become so accustom to our own voice that we ravish in hearing ourselves talk and talk. Save those words. Silently observe the world as it progressively moves forwards. Then find those moments when words are the only true way to fully express an experience. Sadly, I live in a reality that wants to talk, to blabber nonsense with no real implications.

Sometimes I feel like “The Little Prince” stuck in a world of domesticated adults searching for anyone who can understand my drawing. Testing everyone I meet to see if they can see the elephant in the snake. Few people pass as I realize people like their habits. They are fine with being domesticated by society, and for those people I must put the drawing away and chatter useless words with them. However, it is on those rare nights that a person shocks me. Passing my test, I skip the idle chitchat and go straight to the hard questions. I become amazed at the ability of words, to warp and alter my thoughts, as we both attempt to express ourselves in their limited, but powerful, use.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


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One thought on “Small talk is useless jibber jabber

  1. Another way to think of “small talk” is that it once was the hip way to talk:P Now, it’s small. Ten years from now, the list on the right side of your poster will be the new small talk:P hehe It just means certain questions/topics have been used too often.

    You took those words out of my mouth:P Pointless jibber jabber. That’s my line.

    I dunno if I should steer clear of the baobabs or the doldrums, anymore.

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