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Water Fasting for 36 Hours

Plato Fasting

Since my first water fast, last week, I thought that it would even more challenging to increase the time to a full 36 hours. This would require me to go an entire day without eating and then go to sleep hungry. In particular, it was the idea of going to sleep on a starving stomach that made me a little nervous. Normally, I will just grab a snack at night, if I happen to be hungry, because I find the feeling rather uncomfortable. It’s also a strange thought to not eat anything for an entire day. However, this experience has made me realize that I have been eating food everyday for my entire life without ever stopping. Doesn’t that sound a little strange too? Read more…


Talking to strangers (Week 1)

make friends

In order to face my fear of talking to new people, I have set the challenge to talk to a stranger everyday.  It has been a rocky start and it continues to be a challenge.

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A lucid dream, but no flying!

lucid dream

I have had some crazy dreams in my life and most involving some weird stuff happening to me. I find them amusing because they tell a bazaar and crazy story of how my mind works. Therefore, in the pursuit of discovery, I have attempted many times to lucid dream, to be awake while dreaming. It is not something you can just do, and it takes a large amount of practice and repetition to get the pattern of consciousness to be recognizable in a dream. For me, it happened when I wasn’t even attempting to lucid dream. No, I was actually practicing mediation as a way to cope with stress. It trained me to recognize when my mind started to drift which correlates well in the dream world.

*This dream came when I was dealing with a bad break up and my mind was having a hard time coping with it.

I was sitting on an outdoor table looking at myself from above. Some family members were there and they were all talking and laughing. I never saw any of them, I don’t normally see people, but I could feel that they were there. It’s like walking around with ghost and I only see them if I have a direct contact. Everything was mostly gray and yellow not much color to be seen. It’s a dream so I have no knowledge of what caused me to turn to my right, but there before my eyes was my ex-girlfriend smiling at me. Out of grief and angry, I though “what the hell, you are not supposed to be here” so I swung my arm around to her chest and push her as hard as I could. She flew back, out of my view, in an almost cartoonish speed. I looked forward, to only then glance back, and there she was sitting and smiling at me. Shock punched me in the stomach, but then I realize something. Other than the fact that she materialize back, breaking logical flow, she was no longer my girlfriend so in mind there was no reason for her to be smiling at me.

For the first time, I realized that I was in dreaming. I stood up from my seat and I found myself in the driveway of my old houses next to my car. I kept telling myself to stay calm, repeating it like in mediation, so that I would not wake up. Then I had a thought. I have never flown in a dream so I looked up and jumped, to only fall right back down. Yeah, it frustrated me quickly when I realized that now that I was conscious the dream world had to work in a rational manner. Still, I try several times to fly but I never succeed. With my loss of focus, I soon woke up.

At least, I thought I did. I can’t really be sure because I remember waking up and then going back to sleep but that could have all been a dream too. My mind is very good at playing tricks on me.

Not all lucid dreams are useful but they all have a sense of wonder about them. If you must sleep through a third of your life, why should you sleep through your dreams, too? ~ Stephen LaBerge

Love is more complicated than a fairytale


You may say of course, no shit, but I was victim to forever, living in a fairytale with a story book ending. I was lost in a state of mind where love never faded and it had no limits. No place to hide or run away. It was simply boundless, overflowing from my heart, with nowhere to go but to her. There are no words to fully describe her. In my mind, she was more than human, more than she could be, and I placed her on such a high pedestal that I never realized I left her behind. Continue on…

Handstand challenge progress (1 week)


As part of my challenge, I have been trying to do a handstand walk. Of course, everyone has to learn how to walk before they can run, so I have been focusing on learning how to do a handstand. This involved watching numerous online videos but, in the end, nothing helps more than actually trying it. Let me say when you are used to walking around feet down it’s a strange feeling trying to do the reverse. Starting off this challenge, I thought that doing a handstand would be impossible, and yet, one week in, I am starting to think differently. I was sick the past week but I kept working at it. I couldn’t last long enough to do any harm anyways.

My progress has been slow and steady, and I keep surprising myself with little improvements. My first method was to position my back towards the wall and then slowly walk my feet up into a handstand. My arms would be screaming from the awkward position, but my wrists hurt the most from the new pressure I was placing on them. The only way I could practice, without killing my wrists, was to space out my attempts to once every few hours.

My second method, I was actually scared of trying it, was to face towards the wall and kicking up into a handstand. My roommate laughed at me for being scared so, to prove my manhood, I did it. I just felt like I was flipping my back into nowhere, but I have since learned that it is pretty easy. With practicing every day, I have been incrementally getting better and my balance has ever so slightly been improving.

I have actually gained a fair amount of strength in my wrist, and I can use them more easily when trying to maintain my balance. I’ve learned that my weight needs to be balanced in the middle of my hand, using the force of my fingers and palms rather than solely on the wrists. Similar, to the way I would not walk on my heels because it is much harder to stay balanced. This took me awhile to grasp since I have only recently had enough strength in my wrist to try it. Overall, this past week has been primarily focused on improve my wrist strength.

As of now, I have been able to do a handstand without the support of a wall for a little over three seconds without losing it. Yes, the improvement may be small but relative to zero, where I was, it is infinity! Plus, this is improvement over one week. One week in which I could not practice for long periods of time due to my physical limits. I can only imagine where I will be by next week. With more time and practice, I know I will be able to hold a handstand for much longer.

It always seems impossible until its done. ~ Nelson Mandela

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